How to Avoid Broken Pipes: Winterize Your Plumbing for the Next Denver Area Storm

A couple of weeks ago, we saw quite a few plumbing repairs caused by the storm that froze through the greater Denver metro area. Many of the issues caused by the weather could have been avoided with a bit of preparation. So we put together a pre-storm preparation checklist to share with our customers and friends of the Colorado community. The purpose of this post is to provide tips to keep outdoor pipes protected and prevent leaking and flooding in and around your residence. Read through this blog entry to keep your plumbing safe the next time a storm is on the horizon. While we’re always happy to help, we also have the expertise to prevent your next plumbing emergency! With the next snow storm approaching in a few days, we felt it was important to share these tips to keep all plumbing Denver Co safe from emergency situations.

Plumbing Denver Co: Repaired Vacuum Breaker

Photo caption: Damaged Vacuum Breaker that was removed and replaced

The first thing we’ll talk about is your sprinkler system. Winter is just around the corner, so here are some tips to help you winterize your sprinkler system. To do this, you can call out an irrigation specialist who will blow out the sprinklers. When the weather gets to freezing level and the sprinklers were not blown out beforehand, your vacuum breaker will freeze and break, which can also cause leaking and flooding. Drain Terrier is able to repair vacuum breakers when this happens and we replaced quite a few vacuum breakers after the last freeze. We’ve posted a few pictures of our plumbing in Denver Co where we replaced vacuum breakers that had burst. See below for a before and after picture of a broken and repaired vacuum breaker. The new one looks great! However, the need for a replacement could have been avoided with preventative maintenance. We also offer a free 12-point plumbing inspection for your home or business in the Denver metro area, which is a preventative home checkup that can save you money and unexpected plumbing problems.

Finished Vacuum Breaker: Denver Co Plumber

Photo caption: A Repaired Vacuum Breaker: Drain Terrier replaced the weather damaged vacuum breaker

Next, we’ll talk about how to winterize your hose bibs (also called a spigot) outside your home or business. The next step to get you ready for the next storm is to remove your garden hoses from the outside hose bib/spigot before the temperature drops. It might even be best to keep the hose removed when not in use during the winter months. You’ll want to drain the garden hose and store indoors to keep it protected as well. This will both prevent the hose bib from freezing and breaking, and prevent damage to your garden hose, saving you time and money on repairs and equipment. Following these winterizing steps will also prevent potential flooding. When a spigot freezes over and then the temperature comes back down, it causes leaking inside and outside and thus flooding can occur.

Another protection method you may have heard about is covering your hose bibs with winter protection. These foam winter protection cones cost between $2 to $8 and are well worth the investment. They can be picked up at a local hardware store. There are also many foam hose bib protection options to choose from at various prices online. Drain Terrier also has them on our trucks and are happy to install the protective coverings for you. You can also have a freeze proof hose bib installed. These are both great methods to keep your pipes in tip-top shape for the winter.

We are experienced in installing both foam winter protection cones as well as freeze proof hose bibs. We hope these tips keep your pipes happy throughout the winter months, but if you forget to winterize or experience a broken hose bib or vacuum breaker, Drain Terrier can help.

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