The Importance of Sewer Cleaning For Your Denver Home

As a homeowner, there are multiple home problems that can arise unexpectedly, especially plumbing and drain related issues. These problems can worsen as time goes on until the issue is severe and costly to repair. Since your sewer pipes are underground and not visible from day to day, sewer problems are especially likely to fall by the wayside. 

Your sewer line is essential to your Denver home’s plumbing. Since it accumulates wastewater and moves it to the main sewer line, your home simply can’t go without a functioning sewer line for long. That said, anything from grease to accidentally-flushed children’s toys can cause a serious block in your sewer line. A large block may force the wastewater back to your home, leading to a range of unpleasant issues. So, at the first sign of a sewer clog, make sure to schedule a Denver sewer line cleaning ASAP. 

How Often To Schedule Sewer Cleanings 

Generally speaking, homeowners should schedule sewer line maintenance with experienced plumbers once per year at a minimum. But, if your household has many members or if there are several plumbing fixtures at your house, additional sewer cleanings may be required. 

Why Sewer Cleaning is Important

Odor Prevention

When wastewater is left sitting in your sewer line behind a clog, odors can start to permeate throughout your Denver home. By maintaining the cleanliness of your sewer line, you can prevent sewer odors and keep your home smelling pleasant. Since odors can be tricky to eliminate once they appear, it’s better to prevent a sewer clog before it starts. Don’t wait to schedule a sewer line cleaning until a clog has already occurred – instead, schedule the cleanings as preventative maintenance. 

Clogs are Common

One of the key reasons why sewer cleaning is important is the simple fact that sewer clogs are very common. Anything from grease, soap, tree roots, and more can quickly cause a sewer line  blockage, which can be an inconvenience to repair. You can lessen the possibility of a sewer clog with regular sewer line cleanings.  

Save Money

You’ll save money in the long run by scheduling regular sewer cleanings for your home. The expense of maintaining your sewer line will be less than the cost of emergency repairs for the sewer line if a block were to cause serious damage. During a sewer line cleaning, your plumbers will check for various sewer issues and recommend repairs as needed. This will spare you the cost of sewer repairs. 

Maintain a Clean Home

Maintaining a clean home is a priority for many Denver homeowners. A sewer clog can create major cleanliness concerns in your home that can’t be resolved without the help of a plumber. To prevent a clog and sewer hygiene issues, make sure to schedule regular sewer cleanings. 

Signs That Your Sewer Needs To Be Cleaned

Looking out for signs that your sewer line needs cleaning can be helpful in sewer maintenance. Here are the key indicators that it’s time for a sewer line cleaning:

Several Sewer Clogs

If more than one drain in your home is clogged, it’s a clear sign that your sewer line needs to be cleaned. A single drain can often be resolved with a drain snake or plunger, but multiple drain clogs show that there’s a deeper issue. If more than one drain is draining slowly or exhibiting other signs of a clog, be sure to contact your Denver plumbing experts immediately, before the problem gets worse. 

Pooling Water on the Lawn 

Puddles of water in the yard or a yard that feels spongy beneath your feet show that a major sewer line issue could be at hand. Sewer line repairs are essential if you notice this problem, as there could be a serious leak. 

Odors or Gurgling

A sewer stench in your home is another key sign that your sewer needs to be cleaned. If there is a clog, you’ll likely notice this odor coming from the drains. A sewer line cleaning can eliminate odors to make your home a more pleasant place to live. You may also notice gurgling when you flush a toilet. This is another sign that something isn’t right – you may have a clogged pipe or clogged drain, offset in your sewer line, root intrusion in your main sewage line or even a break in one of your sewage pipes. 

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