All About Video Camera Drain Inspections

Did you know that video cameras are among the most essential equipment used in plumbing? Specially-designed video cameras are used to aid in the process of professionally cleaning drains. With video cameras, plumbers can take a look inside of your pipes to learn more about plumbing problems and their causes. Given that some pipework is typically located underneath the foundation of your home and concrete, video cameras are the most effective method for learning about pipe problems that aren’t otherwise visible. 

Before video camera drain inspections, plumbers were more limited in their ability to inspect a clog in your drain. In fact, they’d typically have to dig down in your yard to find the sewer line if they suspected that a significant issue was at hand. Obviously, digging in your yard to find the sewer line is more time-consuming than completing a camera drain inspection, but it’s also more damaging to your property and disruptive to your schedule. With a video sewer inspection in Denver, a professional plumber can identify the issue without having to go underground to access your sewer line.

Drain Inspection Cameras

The video cameras used for Denver drain inspections are built especially for plumbing purposes. This means that they’re waterproof and fastened to a flexible rod that works like a drain snake. The video camera can be inserted and moved through the pipe. Oftentimes, an LED light is also included in the design of the video camera so that the plumber receives a clear, illuminated view of the pipe.

The camera transmits a video signal to a monitor, where the plumber can inspect the pipeline and even record the inspection to use throughout the process of cleaning or repairing the pipe. With a clear view of the inside of the pipe, the plumber can accurately and effectively implement the best solution for your drain problem.

During a camera inspection, key problems can be uncovered such as offsets, corrosion, breaks or root intrusion in the sewer line. If the pipe is broken, corroded, or severely damaged by roots it is important to have it replaced and repaired or backups, flooding, and clogs will continue to be a problem in the home or business. Camera inspections allow the plumbing technician to see where the problem spot is and location equipment helps locate the exact problem spot to avoid unnecessary digging and damage to your yard or home. The plumbing in Denver and surrounding cities was often installed more than 30 years ago. Any plumbing older than 30 years needs to be inspected, especially if there are reoccurring clogged toilets, showers, laundry drains etc. 

When Do I Need a Video Camera Drain Inspection?

You are unlikely to need a video camera drain inspection every single time you have a problem with your drain or piping. But, there are a few instances in which this plumbing technique will be extremely helpful. For example:

  • If you’re having a drain blockage or clog that can’t be effectively fixed with more basic plumbing methods, a video camera drain inspection can inform the plumber as to the best solution for the problem. 
  • If you’ve experienced several or repeated clogs or backups in your drains or mainline, it may be indicative of a problem with your pipes.
  • If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, a video camera drain inspection can help your plumber check the sewer line and ensure that it has the capacity for higher volumes of wastewater during the remodeling. 

The Benefits of Video Cameras in Drain Inspections

Video cameras provide numerous benefits in drain inspections, including:


As aforementioned, video cameras omit the need for plumbers to dig as a method of inspecting your sewer line. Digging to your sewer line will create a mess that will take time to clean up. With a video camera inspection, your plumber will need only a small point of access to reach your sewer line. This allows for no digging and no mess! A video camera inspection can also help to pinpoint areas in your pipes that are particularly clogged or full of roots. Once the plumber knows where the worst areas are, they can thoroughly clean those areas with the drain cleaning machine. Most plumbers won’t opt for the digging route, unless they don’t have video camera inspection equipment. Here’s an example of a video inspection Drain Terrier performed a few months ago. Click here to see what a video inspection looks like. 

Greater Plumbing Insights

Video cameras allow for a more detailed look into the condition of your pipes. As your Denver plumbers, we’ll be able to get a closer look at how your pipes are faring, including any damage that may be present. This will allow us to better maintain your pipes and ensure that your piping lasts for as long as possible. For example, a video camera drain inspection can reveal any corrosion that has developed in the pipe. This can warn you about pipe weaknesses so that you can deal with them before they lead to severe damage and an emergency situation, such as a collapsed pipe or major flooding in your home. 

Help With Insurance Claims

A unique benefit that video cameras provide for Denver plumbing issues is video evidence to strengthen insurance claims. This is a benefit that traditional plumbing methods simply can’t provide. If your home needs pipe repairs, you may be able to receive compensation from your homeowner’s insurance company. But, you’ll need to submit a claim first, and that claim will need to be approved. Evidence from a video camera drain inspection will give your claim for pipe damage repairs a better chance of approval. Drain Terrier records every video camera inspection and will send a link to the footage to anyone who has us perform the inspection. This ensures easy sharing with the insurance company. 

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