How To Maintain Your Commercial Plumbing System

Your commercial plumbing system is a key part of the operation of your business. Without a functioning plumbing system, your commercial property won’t be able to be open for operation. To make sure that a plumbing disaster doesn’t shutter your doors, it’s important to keep up with commercial plumbing system maintenance. 

Commercial plumbing maintenance can prevent all types of plumbing problems, including clogs, leaks, poor drainage, and sewer disposal issues, among others. Compared to the time, money, and energy that would need to go into fixing a Denver plumbing issue, commercial plumbing maintenance is a far superior option. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most important maintenance tasks for commercial plumbing systems. 

Keep An Eye On Hard-To-Access Areas.

Your commercial plumbing system includes parts beyond what’s visible. In addition to the sinks, drain pipes, water heaters, and faucets, the plumbing involves a connected system of supply and drain pipes that aren’t in view. Whether concealed underground or inside of the walls, these pipes are difficult to access and require the services of a Denver plumbing professional. Expert plumbers can inspect these hidden areas and identify any potential problems before they become severe. 

What’s Being Flushed?

For the well-being of your commercial plumbing system, it’s important that nothing other than toilet paper and human waste is flushed. This, of course, is more difficult for commercial properties than residential properties, given that more people are using the bathrooms, and you can’t necessarily communicate directly with them. Most commercial properties address this issue by posting signs about what should and shouldn’t be flushed in the bathrooms. These signs can give bathroom users an important reminder not to flush anything they shouldn’t, as it could cause a backup. 

As a commercial property owner, at some point in time, you’ll likely have to deal with a backup caused by people flushing something they shouldn’t. To ensure that the problem is addressed as quickly as possible, you can ask your employees to report plumbing issues immediately. When the problem is fixed promptly, it can be resolved more easily. Plumbing issues that are left alone can result in more serious damage. 

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Here in Denver, our winters can lead to temperatures that are well below freezing, as well as severe winter storms. These harsh winter weather conditions create the risk of frozen pipes. Unfortunately, if a pipe in your commercial plumbing system freezes and bursts, you could have sizable repair costs on your hands. 

Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to prevent frozen pipes in your commercial Denver plumbing system. These include:

Insulate The Pipes. 

Insulating your pipes can keep them from freezing in extremely low temperatures. There are multiple pipe insulation options, including fiberglass, fibrous insulation, and rigid or semi-rigid insulation. 

Run The Water Regularly or Shut Off The Water During Downtime in The Winter.

It’s common for commercial buildings to be largely vacated over the winter holidays. During this period, when the plumbing system isn’t in regular use, a frozen pipe is more likely. So, to prevent a frozen pipe at this time, either shut off the water or run the water periodically to maintain water circulation in the pipes. This will lower your risk of a frozen pipe. 

Schedule Winter Plumbing Inspections. 

In the winter, with the risk of pipe damage higher than usual, you’ll benefit from scheduling a commercial plumbing inspection. Your Denver plumbers will look over your system thoroughly, identifying any weak points or signs of damage. Then, the plumbing experts will suggest repair solutions to avoid a major plumbing issue. These winter plumbing inspections will significantly lower your risk of a winter plumbing problem. 

Don’t Delay Plumbing Repairs.

If your commercial plumbing system does become damaged, don’t hesitate to get it repaired. Unfortunately, plumbing damage only gets worse with time, meaning that minor damage could escalate and become a serious problem. The cost of the immediate plumbing repairs will be much lower than the cost to repair a major issue, such as a burst pipe. 

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