12-point Inspection: A Preventative Plumbing Check-up for Your Home or Business

In our years of home and business visits, we’ve seen many costly plumbing and drain cleaning issues that could have been avoided with preventative maintenance. Like changing the oil in a car, preventative plumbing evaluations add miles to your total home plumbing and drain systems. A small leak can be addressed quickly and inexpensively with a new washer or pipe fitting replacement, but it must be found and fixed before the issue escalates. If the leak is left unfixed, it can lead to flooding, pipe bursts, broken fixtures and other large issues. Many of these small necessary fixes go unnoticed until they become more expensive, more timely projects.

We’ve carefully crafted a 12-point inspection to help home and business owners keep their plumbing in good shape, complete small repairs before they escalate, and avoid unnoticed issues. It is recommended that this inspection is done annually for the best results. A lot can happen in a year in the world of plumbing, so it’s best to proactively schedule an inspection. Knowing your home or business is in good condition will give you piece-of-mind. We offer these inspections free of charge. During the inspection, a technician will come out and carefully give each of the 12 areas listed below a label of either pass or required maintenance. If any of the 12 areas of inspection do not pass, you can choose to schedule service at the time of the inspection or schedule service for a later date.

What’s in a 12-point inspection? During the inspection, we will carefully check the following to ensure each is working smoothly:

    1. Water Heater
    2. Plumbing Under Sinks
    3. All Drains
    4. Toilets
    5. Kitchen Faucet
    6. Pressure Stops and Supply Lines
    7. Trap work
    8. Bathroom Faucet
    9. Bathroom Shower Valve
    10. Trapwork Supply Lines
    11. Garbage Disposal
    12. Dishwasher

Don’t sweat the next big party, holiday, or busy guest day knowing a professional has evaluated and maintenanced all of your plumbing. Give us a call or submit a contact form if you’d like to schedule a free 12-point total home inspection. As always, we’re happy to answer questions you may have! Concerned with something that is not on the list? We’re happy to chat through it with you too. See a full list of plumbing services.


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