Risks of a Main Sewer Line Clog

A clog in your main sewer line can have significant ramifications for your entire home. Unfortunately, this serious plumbing issue can easily go undetected and lead to severe damage down the line. Plus, considering that sewage backup involves toxic waste, it can pose a health hazard for your entire household. 

It’s never a good time to have a sewer line clog, and being caught off-guard by a big plumbing issue will throw a wrench in your schedule. We recommend regular Denver plumbing maintenance to lower your risk of pipe problems. Keep in mind that preventing a sewer line clog will be exponentially easier than dealing with a sewer line problem once it’s already arisen, and could save you from exposure to the risks discussed below.  

The Danger of Sewer Backups

Compared to other plumbing issues, sewer line clogs are among the most detrimental. This is because they can create a health risk for anyone nearby. Since it contains bacteria and viruses, sewage has the capacity to circulate disease and illness. In fact, millions of people annually fall ill due to contamination from sewage. 

In addition to contaminants, sewage can hold fungi, pesticides, discarded prescription drugs, and other toxic materials. This makes it a serious risk for anyone who comes into contact with it. 

If there’s a sewage backup in your home, it’s essential to call your Denver plumbing experts without delay. Don’t try to handle it yourself, as you could make yourself sick. 

Signs of a Main Sewer Line Backup

Problems With Multiple Drains

The key difference between a sewer line backup and a regular drain clog is that a sewer line clog will cause problems in multiple drains throughout your home. Your main sewer line is responsible for draining the water from every sink, bathtub, and toilet in your home. Since it’s a single line, a clog in the line will impact your entire home. If you notice water gurgling from your bathroom sink when you run the washing machine, for example, you could be dealing with a main sewer issue. 

Slow Draining

If you notice sitting water in multiple drains in your home, you have a plumbing problem on your hands. You can contact Denver plumbers for help determining whether it’s a regular clogged drain or a main sewer line clog. 


Backed up sewage in the pipe will eventually circulate a foul odor throughout your home. If you notice an odor that isn’t going away and seems to be coming out of the drains, the issue could be a sewer line clog. 

Causes of Main Sewer Line Clogs

Understanding the causes of main sewer line clogs can help you avoid a future problem. When main sewer lines clog, it’s often due to one of the following factors. 

An Old or Damaged Sewer System

Sewer systems don’t last forever. In fact, water mains and piping typically lasts for 75 to 100 years. If your sewer system has reached the end of its lifespan, it’s likely deteriorated significantly. This could lead to a main sewer line clog. 

Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause major issues for your home’s sewer line. Since tree roots naturally look for water and organic materials for nutrients, they can start to grow toward your main sewer line. If the roots manage to get into the pipe joints, they can cause clogs. In severe cases, tree roots can even damage a sewer line beyond repair. Mature trees on your property are a risk factor for main sewer line damage due to tree roots. Even if the mature trees are on your neighbor’s property, the roots could grow toward your home’s sewer line and cause problems. But, usually, if the tree causing the issue is on your neighbor’s property, your neighbor will be liable for the cost of the damage. 

Shifting Soil

Over time, the soil on your property can shift. As it moves and settles, your main sewer line could be impacted, given that it’s buried beneath your property. If the soil puts additional impact on the pipe, it could lead to damage and an eventual sewer line clog. 

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