Signs That You Need To Replace The Kitchen Faucet

Your kitchen is a center point in your home. It’s where you prepare meals and gather as a family to share stories about your day. But, as you undoubtedly know, the bigger the meal, the more dishes that there are to clean. Your kitchen sink needs to be able to handle the chore of cleaning up after each meal. 

That said, all kitchen faucets reach a point of no return. A time will surely come when your faucet needs to be replaced. This article will discuss the main indicators that you should call your Denver plumbers for a kitchen faucet replacement. By having the faucet replaced, you’ll restore the form and function of your kitchen sink.  

Bad Taste or Odor

After long periods of time, pipes inevitably start to rust. So, if your faucet or pipes have begun to succumb to the strain of many years of use, you may notice the smell or taste of rust in your tap water. This is a big red flag; water that contains rusty minerals shouldn’t be consumed or used for any purpose in the kitchen. Rust can’t be repaired – replacement is the only permanent solution. Schedule a Denver kitchen faucet replacement immediately if you notice a rusty taste or smell in the water. 

Rather than a smell or taste of rust, you may see rust located at the base of your faucet. This rust indicates that the internal parts of your kitchen faucet have severely deteriorated and need to be replaced. Other signs of rust in your kitchen faucet include a delayed stream of water when you turn on the tap, or cracking or sticking when you move the faucet. 

Poor Water Pressure

Low water pressure from your kitchen faucet can be frustrating. After all, you need the water pressure to be working properly so that you can effectively wash dishes, pots, pans, and more. 

If you’re experiencing low water pressure throughout your home, including in the bathroom sink and shower, the problem probably isn’t your kitchen faucet. However, if you’re only having a water pressure issue with your kitchen sink, the faucet could be to blame. When faucets become corroded or develop a buildup of hard water, it can lead to low water pressure. A Denver kitchen faucet replacement will amend this issue. 


Mold: It’s an issue that no one wants to find in their home. Unfortunately, mold can develop in your kitchen faucet due to a leak. If pipes in the wall start to leak, it will create the moist environment that mold needs to grow. You may see mold on areas of the wall or beneath the sink. A leak under your kitchen sink may be hard to spot, giving mold a chance to develop before you even notice a problem. This can lead to extensive damage to the cabinet under your sink. 

A leaky faucet should be replaced promptly by your Denver plumbers to avoid water damage and mold development. 

Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits can develop inside of and around your kitchen faucet. Hard water is generally the cause of mineral deposits in your home. Unfortunately, mineral deposits can cause significant damage to your plumbing, including your kitchen faucet. Checking your faucets periodically for indicators of mineral accumulation can help you catch a problem before it becomes several. But, if mineral deposits have already overwhelmed your kitchen faucet, your best option will be a Denver kitchen faucet replacement. 


Kitchen faucet longevity depends on the type and model of the faucet. Especially if your faucet was first installed a long time ago, it may be tricky to figure out the exact model. Check the back of the spout, or the underside of the spout, for a model number. This number can help you track down further information from the manufacturer, including the approximate lifespan of the faucet. 

Not all faucets have a visible model number. So, as a rule of thumb, kitchen faucets should be replaced about every 15 years. 

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