Tips When Hiring the Best Plumbers in Denver, CO Area

Gone are the days when you need to look for plumbing services in the yellow pages. Though there are many options you can contact from there that promise excellent plumbing skills and services. You want to make sure you hire someone that is still operational and can get the job done well, without adding stress to your life.

So for those looking for quality plumbers in Denver, Colorado, you can just browse online and see which one you can hire to fix your sink or some pipes in the house. Just like the old times, there are many options to select from, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the difference in companies. 

To help you pick the right company for you among the various options to choose from, here are some tips you should consider when looking for plumbers and the best drain cleaning company Denver has to offer.

Tips when Hiring the Best Plumbers

Read Customer Service Ratings

At Drain Terrier, we always recommend that you read customer service ratings for any company before you hire them. You can check online for some plumbers Denver CO has and see from there which receives the most positive reviews from its clients. You can also head on to their website or their social media accounts, if they have one, and see other customers’ feedback about their experience working with them. You may even find a review with a similar situation to yours – giving you insight on the experience you may have while working with them. 

It is good to still have caution with reviews, since there could be fake reviews to give companies a high rating. So if you see something too good to be true, do your own research. Reach out to the company, and see if you feel comfortable working with them. It never hurts to reach out to multiple companies, comparing the services offered. To manage your expectations, an average rating of 4.0 to 4.5 is still a good option.

Ask for References from Family and Friends

Aside from customer reviews, your peers’ experiences from any plumber in Denver, Colorado can be a big determining factor as well. Reliable sources that you know and trust can give you an honest glimpse into their experience working with a company. You are likely to have a similar experience to those who have previously dealt with the company. We ask the people in our circle advice for everything, have any of them worked with us here at Drain Terrier?

Confirm the Company’s License and Insurance

You may already have a plumbing company you want to hire with positive feedback based on online reviews and family recommendations. Your next questions are, do they have the proper licenses confirming their workers have the right skills to do the job? Do they also have insurance coverage in case unnecessary damages happen?

Make sure your prospect company has these things to guarantee peace of mind. It can be expensive to get the pipes replaced or the sink fixed, and knowing the company is backed in a professional manner can bring calm to a stressful project. 

Verify Certification

In addition to license and insurance, proper certification is also necessary. Anyone can claim they are a good plumber or have the skills to work on pipes and clogged drainage. So if you want to settle for self-claimed expertise from a random individual, do not expect the same standard of quality service as you would from a professional team of plumbers in Denver, CO like Drain Terrier.

You can verify if a plumbing company is certified or not by visiting the website of Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies. Once you determine that your prospect company has proper certification, you can be sure to get excellent work.

Review the Company’s History and Experience

The longer the plumbing company has been in business, the more experience they have repairing various household plumbing and drainage issues. With this, they can easily identify your problem and take the necessary steps to repair it correctly. They may even give you some advice on how you can maintain a clean pipeline, so you can avoid clogging from time to time, and fix some minor issues yourself. 

Check and Confirm Prices

Before booking a plumbing service, make sure you know the coverage of the price you will pay to avoid extra charges. Plumbing services often offer free quotes, so use that opportunity to ask them for an outline of all charges, especially before signing a hiring contract to give a better idea of the prices and coverage of their service. Of course, initial estimates can always vary. It is recommended to set an error margin of 10% to 15% of the actual project cost. This gives you a clear idea of how much budget to allot.

Always remember, there can be a correlation with quantity and quality. A plumbing company that offers the cheapest rates may not necessarily have the best service or quality of repair, so find the balance that works for you. Consider it a red flag if the plumbing company asks for a payment of 10% of the total price or more upfront before the project. The plumbing industry standard in Denver is to ask for payment when the project is complete.

Get Everything in Writing

Just like with any other transaction, it is always safer to have your transactions with the plumbing contractors documented. Make sure you have a proper agreement, including the allotted timeline for the project, fixed rate, and payment terms, among others. A professional plumbing company will surely offer you the necessary papers to avoid miscommunication, legal concerns, and both parties can agree on the terms. The entire project will go smoothly if both you and the contractor are on the same page and have clear communication.

Now you know how you can hire a quality plumbing company Denver and can be confident in choosing the best service for your household. Not all plumbing companies offer the same level of expertise. To avoid encountering the worst service for your pipelines and drainage system, choose only the ones who have invested to have the proper training to improve their skills and process their certifications to offer you an excellent service. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, or to set up an estimate at any time! Contact us here. 



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