Why Do My Sinks Keep Clogging?

Kitchen and bathroom sink clogs can be frustrating, especially if they’re recurring. If you’re experiencing frequent sink clogs, understanding the possible causes of the clog may help you stop future clogs from occurring. There are many different reasons why your sink may keep clogging, many of which will depend on whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen sink. 

This article will go over the main reasons why your bathroom or kitchen sink may be clogging. Remember that your professional team of plumbers in Denver can help you tackle a clogged sink with lasting results.  

Bathroom Sink

  • Soap scum

Soap scum can be a major cause of recurring drain problems in your bathroom sink. It typically forms when chemicals in the soap that you use come into contact with magnesium and calcium ions in the water. This triggers a reaction and forms soap scum, a solid, white residue with a chalky texture. Unfortunately, soap scum can stick to the inside of your pipes. Over time, as soap scum accumulates, it can obstruct the pipes and catch any debris that goes down your drains. As time goes on, a stubborn clog can develop as a result of soap scum. 

Usually, soap scum forms if hard water comes out of your taps. But, sometimes, it can form even if your household uses a water softener. You can prevent soap scum by avoiding sending large volumes of soap down the drain. 

Soap scum is hard and difficult to remove. So, to fully get rid of a sink clog caused by soap scum, you’ll likely need assistance from your Denver plumbers. It’s wise to take care of a soap scum problem ASAP. Left alone, the scum can cause rust and corrosion in your pipes.  

  • Hair

When it comes to the bathroom sink, hair is a key culprit in the development of clogs. Since hair accumulates and forms clumps when it gets wet, it can quickly create a big clog in your pipes. Additionally, once a clump of hair has formed, it will continue to collect more hair, leading to a bigger and bigger clog. 

Any type of hair, including facial hair and even fur from your pet, can cause drain clogs. The texture of the hair, whether it be fine or thick, won’t make a difference when it comes to the condition of your pipes. So, to avoid bathroom drain clogs everyone needs to be careful not to send hair down the sink. If hair falls into the sink or onto the bathroom counter, wipe it off with a cleaning spray and paper towel instead of rinsing it away. Doing so will send it down the drain, creating the risk of a clog. 

Kitchen Sink

  • Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are notorious for creating kitchen sink clogs. The grounds retain moisture, meaning that they’ll stick inside of your pipes. So, never send coffee grounds down the sink. Instead, add them to the compost bin or throw them into the garbage. 

  • Grease

Pouring liquid grease down your kitchen sink is one way to rapidly cause a clog. The grease will congeal when it cools down, creating a solid mass of fat that can block your pipes. Other food scraps and debris can also get caught in the solidified grease, exacerbating the initial clog. So, instead of sending grease down the drain to dispose of it, pour it into a disposable container, let it cool, and throw the container into the trash. 

  • Starchy foods

Foods that contain a lot of starch, such as potatoes, pasta, and rice, can all lead to clogs in your kitchen sink. These food items will absorb water and expand. In the pipes, this can make for an obstruction that’s difficult to get rid of. So, instead of washing leftovers away down the drain, throw them into the garbage can. 

Sink Clogs From Pipe Damage

Unfortunately, recurring sink clogs can sometimes be a sign of a more serious plumbing problem. Corrosion in your pipes can lead to built-up rust that prevents water from flowing down the drain. If your pipes are old, stubborn clogs could be a sign that you need them replaced. 

If you’re struggling to fix a drain clog, contact Drain Terrier, your trusted Denver plumbing company. We’ll help you get rid of the clog for good.


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