What’s Inside Your Pipes?

There really are no cons to doing a video camera inspection in your home or business’s sewer line. Plumbing and drain cleaning experts have been using video camera pipe inspections for years and the technology keeps getting better and better. The video displayed on the mini TV screen is much clearer and many show color, not just black and white. We are now able to record footage of the inside of your sewer pipes to film and document any root intrusion, sewer pipe blockages, and/or cracks or breaks in your sewer line. A video camera inspection can save you a lot of time in diagnosing what is going on in your pipes.

Not uncommonly, portions of a homeowner or business owner’s sewer line may need to be replaced. This typically happens when root intrusion is severe enough to crack or break the underground piping. Sometimes harsh chemicals like Draino may have corroded the line and caused holes in the pipes as well. And, sometimes the pipes have corroded because they’re old and wear and tear has caused damage. If these breaks, holes, or cracks are not uncovered and fixed, blockages will continue to cause draining problems. Breaks, holes, and cracks cause toilet paper and other debris to snag along the line and buildup to cause blockages. The same thing can also happen with root intrusion. A video camera inspection on your homes pipelines can make it much easier to diagnose where the blockage lies. In many cases, we can run our mainline sewer machine through the line to remove roots, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and other materials. In other instances, the line may need to be replaced.

We also use a locator in tandem with a sensor on the end of the machine’s snake to pinpoint where in the yard the clogged portion of the pipe lies. The locator looks somewhat like a metal detector. When the sensor on the end of the video snake is near the damaged portion of the line, you can use the locator to locate where the sensor is in the yard. This allows us to dig up and replace the section of the pipe that is damaged. In the past, before video camera inspection technology existed, plumbers Denver would have to dig up much of the yard to find exactly where the pipe was damaged. The video camera inspection and locating equipment makes things much more efficient.

A video camera inspection is performed much like the process of unclogging a drain. We reserve the camera for diagnosing clogs that we’re not capable of clearing with a one-time drain cleaning. For example, we recently dispatched a plumber to Denver Co to clean a mainline. Many of the bathroom drains we’re not draining properly – the toilet and shower were both holding water and not flushing or draining. The toilet was also gurgling. We ran our sewer machine down the mainline and removed one blockage but the drains were still clogged. We suspected there was another blockage. We ran the video camera into the mainline and pinpointed the stubborn clog about 55 feet down the line. We then ran our mainline sewer machine to clogged spot 55 feet down the pipeline and pinpointed the problem area to remove the lodged debris in the sewer line. Check out the Drain Terrier YouTube video showcasing a video camera inspection at one of our customers homes in Denver, Co.

Once we video your sewer line with a camera inspection, we can send you a copy of the footage. You also have the option to watch the monitor while we’re running the sewer machine’s camera. It can be interesting to watch!

Drain Terrier has video inspection equipment as well as the other equipment necessary to address any drain problems you have. Give us a call for any of your plumbing or drain cleaning needs in the Greater Denver Metro area – (720) 999-6120.


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